Picpipe - the value proposition.


Hi bloggers!

My name is Ilya, and I'm an indie developer and a bit of a tutorial writer. The one thing that I hate about blogging is all the things that have no connection to a creative work of writing.

Picpipe is a CloudApp (or Droplr) but with an adaptation for bloggers and tutorial writers

It allows you to catch images and screenshots on the fly, annotate them and extract as HTML or Markdown. While the resizing, compression, uploading to CDN and all necessary optimizations happen automatically in a background.

Whether you write a photo report from your last trip or a tutorial with screenshots, you can't just upload your images as they are.
You first need to optimize them.

The optimization involves size reduction, compression, renaming, annotating, cropping, uploading the image, change it alt, title, caption, (upload to CDN?) AND REPEAT.

One by one for every single image. For some of us, it's a bottleneck, but some bloggers give up on those things, because of time investment it requires.

That’s why I’m building a desktop (Mac, Windows) application that automates the whole process and makes almost seamless!
I called it Picpipe. My goal is to build the best-dedicated tool for bloggers.

This how it’s going to work.

  1. You take screenshot/drop a photo
  2. Picpipe automatically rescales and compress it to your predefined size. (making multiple versions of different resolutions and screen width)
  3. Picpipe upload the image to your hosting/CDN
  4. Picpipe Bulk Editor allows you to rename/add alt, title, caption all at once.
  5. You copy a Markdown, HTML snippets and past to your blog post.

No more undedicated random editors!

But I have this WP plugin that does the job…
Yes. You have a plugin. Probably even 2 or 3,4,5 plugins. Here are some downsides of plugins.

  1. You integrate unknown code to your clear WordPress installation.
  2. You have no idea who wrote this code and did she do a good job.
  3. Plugins add junk to your database.
  4. Image compression on your hosting is slow and laborious to your server.
  5. WP Admin/ Gallery manager has limited UI options, and not as fast as a desktop app.

Picpipe will save your WP installation clear, doing all the heavy lifting on your computer.

Not only for Wordpress!

The output of Picpipe is an HTML/Markdown snippets that you can past to any blog or website.
Whether you use Ghost, Medium, Github pages or anything else - will work for you just fine!

How can I get it?

I’m planning to launch Picpipe in the late January. (in several weeks).
If you are interested, subscribe to for a beta testing: Subscribe for Picpipe

Have any questions or suggestions? Let’s discuss it here, or send me a message here or by email [email protected]