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Picpipe releases

Version 0.6.0


1. Build Screenshot-rich How-to's guides with annotations for your customers and co-workers.

Great news!!! Now you can quickly stitch together sevelar screenshots and build a documentation for your customers, explain ideas to coworkers or write a tutorial for your grandma. With annotations and fully functional text editor.

Picpipe annotation tools screenshot.

In order to use it select several screenshots from your collection and click "Doc" icon on a blue bulk actions panel. But why I writing it? One screenshot is better the 1000 words. Here is the guide that will help you to get started with Picpipe annotated docs.

Version 0.5.3


1. Store your images on Amazon S3 bucket with Picpipe!

Read the full tutorial of how to setup a S3 bucket and generate access.

2. Rename images on the bucket.

Rename images on the bucket You can also rename an image in Picpipe UI to get it renamed on the S3 bucket. The link to the image will be updated accordingly.

Version 0.5.1


1. Introducing Collections!

Collection - is a more advanced version of story It allows you to setup optimization parameter for a group of photos or screenshots.

By default - Picpipe uploads image as is to Picpi.pe quick CDN. However you can choose to resize image to a specific size.

Auto resize images.

Picpipe also creates a new folder in Documents. - and copy optimized file there (the original file stay untouched).

You also can choose what will be copied to the clipboard once the image is uploaded.

2. Automatically Upload to Ghost blogging platform.

Upload to Ghost Bloggin platform

You can read more about this feature in this post:
How to upload photos to Ghost blog using private API

Improved UI.

Huge thanks to Denis Rojčyk for suggesting a better cleaner design for Picpipe. Now you have much more space for the photos list.

Picpipe improved Layout

Version 0.4.1


1. Move images between stories!

You probably noticed the Move icon on bulk actions panel. It didn't function. It wasn't broken though, just never been implemented. :). Well now it works, and you can move screenshots between stories.
Here is how:

  1. Select one or more images
    Picpipe -Select one or more images

  2. Click Move button in bulk actions dialog.
    Picpipe - Click Move button in bulk actions dialog.

  3. Select the destination from one of the options.
    Picpipe - Select the destination from one of the options

Version 0.4.0

**This release is HOT, you gonna love it!**


1. More upload options!

Now you can upload images by dragging it over Picpipe icon in the taskbar. You will see the icon switch indicating that compression and uploading process has begun.
You can also drag photos to the open Picpipe window - the same effect.

Ok, this one is the most powerful feature so far. As you may notice the regular Picpipe image link looks like that https://picpi.pe/kVvcZQ/hopes-image.png.
What if you want to use the same image in two different posts? No problem, just paste the link to your post, right? But what if you want to tweak the filename for better SEO? I want to use this images in Picpipe Releases post, and in my new post on beer brewing.
Picpipe release

You can do it without renaming the file in UI. Just rename the link like that:

Picpipe magically serves you your image. If you open both links, you will see the same picture. Super convenient for you and good for SEO.

What if you want to reformat your image to JPG? Just change the file name, and you will get the same image in the new format. Picpipe will do all the optimizations magically on demand, and you'll get the real jpg file.

What if you want to resize the photo to fit a particular case?
Simply add a param to the URL:

Those link will return you the image with 200px, 150px, 100px width accordinly.
Picpipe magic link resize example 200px
Picpipe magic link resize example 150px
Picpipe magic link resize example 100px

Of course you can also use Picpipe export dialog, that will do the same trick for you:
Picpipe export dialog

3. Photo compression without quality loss.

Starting from the version 0.4.0, Picpipe compresses all images before uploading, using the compression algorithm that doesn't hurt image quality.

Happy blogging!
Picpipe Team.

Version 0.3.1


1. Screenshot auto upload toggle.

You can decide now whether you want screenshots to be uploaded automatically or not.
This setting will effect if you make screenshots with regular Mac shortcuts: Cmd+Shift+3/4. When you use Picpipe's screenshot button screenshot button it will still upload the screenshots.

Picpipe - auto upload toggler

Minor Fixes

1. Uploading indication

Picpipie - finally uploading indication
A minor fix that makes a big difference :)

2. Picpipe window will hide when you click on screenshot button

Thanks to Nikolas for pointing to this bug. Now Picpipe window will not block the screen, so you can do screenshots of your stuff.

Got more suggestions? Feel free to reach out by clicking on Send feedback button inside the app.

Picpipe Team.