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How to resize and compress images on Ghost blog? The efficient way.

Ghost Core team has renewed the discussion on implementing a proper image resizing.
The chosen direction is to resize photos on request by parsing the URL params and rescaling images during the request. It sounds like an excellent way to go, and since Picpipe's blog is running on Ghost, we are waiting for that more than anybody.

This post I'm going to show how can you set up and automation flow to resize compress and upload images to Ghost without any hassle.

As an example let's take this post - the one I'm writing right now.

  1. First we need to create a new collection and name it as a blog post.
    How to resize images for the Ghost blog

  2. Now we need to toggle the Image reformat option, and set Width parameter to the desired value. This blog layout has 800px in width.

Make the image to resize automatically

  1. Change the upload settings from the default Picpi.pe to Ghost and fill up your credentials to get a Ghost API Token.

  2. Hit Get Token button and if you get an approve message on top - you are good to go.